Thursday, 10 December 2015

Moments: days of enchantment

These days of enchantment have been magnified by the presence of a sweet Forest Prince. Outside, snowflakes descend from the clouds in a slow dance, shinning brilliantly as they catch and release the light coming from the semi-hidden sun.  Ice crystals imprinting onto the earth’s surface only to dissipate hours later as though the magic they carried was too powerful for us to encounter, that we could only catch a fleeting glimpse. The cold air outdoors made the air indoors that much warmer and sweeter like freshly baked apple pie resting warmly in your tummy. Winter walks followed by hot chocolate and cinnamon, Christmas music playing in the background as we dance and sing and decorate our humble abode.  Forest’s sweet smile and glow in his eyes as he watches the twinkling lights all around him, in love and awe at the honeyed season.  The delicate smell of pine needles wafting through our home mixing with scents of sugar cookies, cakes and coffee being forged by our bare hands in anticipation for Holiday Company. Cold bodies unthawing together in the warmth of layered blankets while sleepy eyes adjust to the morning light, wanting for naught but rest and the leisure of an unhurried existence…so we sleep; and when we wake, we cuddle together like campers around a warm fire, our ardor for a steady glow resonating continuously as we resume our day. This has been our lives as of late: sleepiness in between the charms of our current season. Life is beautiful.

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