Thursday, 31 December 2015

DIY: plant hanger

Happy New Years Eve! Our blog is ending the year with a little D.I.Y project, as I keep getting asked where I get my decor and other than Celine's Painted Treasures, my stuff is made by me! My newest project has been this Plant Hanger and it turned out exactly how I imagined! I'm excited to share it with you all. 
Let's get started, here is what I used:
1 beautiful large branch (you can find this OUTDOORS haha)
3 jars (thrifted)
A string of twine
White string
Three Rubber bands
Dried plants
I began with the simplest part, I wrapped and tied the twine on each end of my stick to hang as a triangle.
I then proceded to tie a rubber band around each jar where I wanted my string to hang. I simply used it as friction for the string. I'm not a rocket scientist so who knows if this actually makes a difference haha.
Then I took my white string and looped it around the jar a couple of times where the rubber bands are tied.
I then used a seperate piece of string to tie in a quadroople (???) knot around the band + string tied around the top of the jar, linking it to the branch. I then looped it three times around the branch before tying it.
I did the same thing with the two other jars, however I did not measure my string. I layed it out and used my eye to measure what length I liked. I also didn't want them semetrical in height, so it worked out perfectly!
I then hung it on a cieling hook and voila! Forest loves it also!
I hope this was helpful, HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

A Very Green Winter

We had our very first Green Christmas this year, which was a little disapointing, however, my closet was certainly happy. Prolonged layer weather means less time bundled up under a stuffy coat and more time to play around with different pieces! I love how well this slip from UO and dress by Free People work together! "Layer Weather" suits my style and creativity most because it allows for the most options! Getting creative while keeping warm makes getting dressed fun and gives my wardrobe more use than any other time of year. I always start with basics: tights with socks and boots. Then I begin layering, for example here I have an eyelash lace slip from Urban Outfitters underneath a floral dress by Free People. To keep the wind at bay, I added mix-matched plaid with this red plaid jacket and plaid infitity scarf and a hat for good measure! Layering allows for the mixing of different patterns and textures that make for more lively outfits !

Monday, 28 December 2015

Forest's first Christmas

Forest's First Christmas is certainly one I will always remember. Christmas Eve brought the most intense winds of the year coming in at 90km/h but with no snow in sight (I had my very first green Christmas). Storm warnings were being broadcasted and we ended up losing power right before parents ended up finishing our Christmas Eve dinner on the barbeque and we ate in the soft glow of Candlelight. The air seemed eerie, but Christmas magic returned when the power turned back on later that night, right before we siblings exchanged gifts. We were all completely emotional, especially being touched by my brother Jager's heart and kindness. Having the whole family together, on this completely bizarre yet wonderful day made this Christmas one of the very best one's yet. Forest so enjoyed being surrounded by the love everyone has for him and we can't wait to see what next Christmas has in store for us!

Monday, 21 December 2015

Light snow & 90's florals

There's something about this floral maxi from DressLink that I find irresistable. Perhaps it is the way it is reminiscent of my parent's old wallpaper from the 90's? Regardless, it was a welcome piece in my closet and I look forward to seeing the many different ways it can be styled with passing seasons! We are finally getting snow, though the air remains mild enough for sweater weather and minimal to no layers. This is my favourite winter weather!

Oufit Links:

Forest 4 months till 5 months old

* sits up on his own
*cutting his first tooth

Things that make him smile:
*Kisses are his favourite and that's my favourite
*reading, signing, dancing
*whenI say "mum!" to him
*when mom and dad laugh or kiss
*funny faces
*Mimicking him

*car seat
His eyes: still that baby blue but seem to be darkening
Hair: Golden Brown, his eyebrows are more noticeable and he has his dad's thick beautiful lashes!

I can't believe how lively and hilarious he's getting to be! He is so full of life and love, his positive energy is wonderfully  contagious! Playing with him is so much fun, and he loves making us laugh! He's started sitting up on his own, mastering flipping from front to back and vice versa as well as his crawling movements. He still treats a bottle like a teething toy and is obsessed with his Dad which is simultaniously adorable and annoying, haha. He is a drool machine and is cutting his very first tooth at the bottom front! Every day is new and happy and wonderful, watching him grow and become this full functioning tiny human is so entertaining and rewarding. He is so beautiful!
 Enjoy his 4 month adventures video!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Forest's three month Adventures

The Tree Farm


It was beautifully warm on the day Forest, Kayla (Forest's aunt) and myself paid a visit to one of our closest tree farm's! Entering the property of the kind older couple who grew these beauties felt quite like entering another world. We drove through small piles of nostalgia-inhibited knick knacks before reaching a set of dirt roads that led to the five seperate tree lots. We went passed the horses and stopped at a smaller lot that was empty of people save for a family at the oposite end. Thier dog immediately ran over to greet us and decided he would follow us on our exploration of the lot. Our sweet furry friend would find the nearest stick to lay in front of us, eyes pleading to play. So we walked about, playing fetch, snapping photos and breathing in the fresh smell of pine that hovered all around. When the wind and the rain interrupted our adventure, we hurried back into the warm car and made our way to our favorite local coffee shop. Forest was tired from the day's charms and slept soundly against my chest while we sipped our london fog's and chatted the afternoon away.
These are memories I will hold dear for all of time.