Sunday, 27 July 2014


It's my blog's one year aniversary ^.^ What started out as something fun to pass the time has truly transformed into a passion of mine. Somehow over time my blog grew a life of its own, and I'm pretty proud with how far its come. I still have alot of plans for it, mainly to expand its content a little, once I have a bit more free time! In the meantime you can expect more exciting collaborations with some great unique shops, ottawa adventures and a few more giveaways ^.^
Thanks to everyone who follows this blog, or visits every once in a while, it's really appreciated and has given me the chance to meet some great people, and business partners, so THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!


Friday, 25 July 2014

Tiny deal (part one)

I've recently had to pleasure of collaborating with a shop called tiny deal , from which I recieved this blouse and shorts. This blouse has turned into one of my new favorites...the color is darling, a very soft gray/blue, with a unique cut and perfect collar. It just so happened that they carry shorts that match almost perfectly, which gives the outfit a "playsuit" vibe, whilst being more practical. I definitely recomend taking the time to browse the shop, the prices are more than fair and they have pieces I've not seen anywhere else! Click HERE to visit now, and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

  Blouse and Shorts: Tiny deal

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

oh our love is better than before

This is probably one of the most omfortable outfits I own. Honestly, the cotton of both the top and skirt are insanely soft and suitable for lounging around, or comfortably running errands. Of course the floral print doesnt hurt ( I am forever obsessed with flowers ). Anywho, if you haven't entered the giveaway (see post bellow) It is your last chance! I will be choosing a winner at random in a couple of hours. Good luck!
  Skirt : jean machine // Hat & Shirt:forever21

Saturday, 19 July 2014


I'm pretty excited about this and you all should be too because you can have a brand new pair of these lovely pants for free! I recently recieved my own pair, and as I don't wear pants often, when I do, I like them to be comfortable and hopefully high-waisted, which these are! They are high-waisted, distressed, boyfriend jeans and all you need to do in order to win a pair of your own is to:

1. be following this blog with Google+ or Bloglovin'
2.Comment bellow and please leave your e-mail adress and pant size (sm, m, or l) 
*pants run under regular size type*

Easy Peasy! The Giveaway will end Wednesday July 23rd at 3:00 pm, at which time a winner will be chosen at random and I will contact them via e-mail! 
Bonne Chance!

Monday, 14 July 2014

subtle metallic

Frontrowshop continues to impress me with thier elegant, yet strickignly unique pieces. I recently recieved this gorgeous blouse from them, and was very eager to pair it with a pleather skirt and chunky sandals; however, this blouse is multi-faceded as it can help create more than one type of least in my opinion. My first reaction to this top was to dress it up, however, after trying it on, it became clear that it would work well in a more casual setting as well. The blouse itself is oversized, and would go well with pants or even leggings. It is a subtle top, even with the metallic polka-dots, the blouse remains soft and chic, which I love. Click HERE to check out the rest of thier online shop, whether its casual or classy you are looking for, they definitely carry it!

  Skirt : target // Blouse:frontrowshop

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Precious Moments (June edition)

It's been about two months since we've moved, and we are still in the process of settling in. We're hoping to be completely settled by the end of summer; however we still have adventures in the meantime. You may have noticed I've been posting less often, which is partially due to the fact that we are constantly rushing around in attempt to be "settled". Meaning, looking for a suitable full-time job, catching up on bills, etc, whilst trying to keep our moods light and find ways to enjoy ourselves in this beautiful city. 
It's been a bit difficult to "stop and smell the flowers" or so to speak, but I try hard every day to make it a priority. If I'm not enjoying myself, then what am I doing here? I think this is something many of us struggle with. We become so consumed in achieving the lifestyle we want, we forget to take a step back, see what we've achieved so far and celebrate it! I am often stressed, always looking to the future, but Gavin helps ground me, we take at least one day a week to go/experience something new, or sometimes something comforting and familiar (like seeing a movie). These posts have been helpful too. When I feel too overwhelmed, I gather some of my favorite photos from the past month or so, and I am reminded by the great times I had in these photos. It helps me breath and realize I am where I'm supposed to be, and I'm going where I need to...I just need to be patient.
Anywho, that's enough of a personal rant, I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and taking the time to enjoy the little (and BIG) things ^.^