Thursday, 8 September 2016

autumn colors

The revival of my love for fashion and self expression through clothing always comes out during my favorite season. I love everything about autumn, the cool air, the dancing colors, the hot drinks and morning frost...I love layering earth tones in my wardrobe and it's the perfect season for all of these things! It's still a little too warm most days, but my seasonal clock is always ahead of mother nature and so I choose to dress for my mood. I love the way this jacket from zara 
brings a fall vibe to my entire wardrobe, and I plan on wearing this cozy baggy sweater from frontrowshop all season long. Being a mom has shifted my style to something more practical and comfortable, though some things will never change (like my love for hats and earth colors!) These are two pieces I plan on keeping for as long as they last me.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

l a t e l y ...

We've been living slow and living good and away from the computer so my blogging is lacking but here is a small peak at some of our recent days together.