Saturday, 22 November 2014

Winter Treasure

I am newly and completely obsessed with this floral maxi dress from one of my favorite online shops OASAP. The fabric is fairly thick, yet stretchy enough to wear an infinit amount of layers underneath (you can't tell, but I've got long-jhons, leggings, and a couple of under shirts on here...) which is perfect for the time of year. I've always kept my long skirts/dresses for the spring/summer months, but I'm just discovering the huge benifits to hidden layers so I definitely will be crossing them over to winter ^.^  I also love the constrast this dress brings to winter...everything being so the vines behind me...wearing such a vibrant, eye-catching dress brings a little life and warmth to the cold dead months I think. Well, November is on it's way out and before we know it, Christmas will be here. Naturally things are getting busier and busier and I'm wondering if I will ever catch up to everything that needs to be done!
     //Hat : Asos // Dress: OASAP

Monday, 17 November 2014

winter wonderland

I woke up this morning with the very best suprise...Our first snow fall! It's literally been snowing all day, and it's still going. The first snow falls are the best...mild weather, fluffy white snow everywhere, everything looks fresh and enchanting. Although I love darker tones in the winter, I tend to gravitate towards pastels when the snow first makes its arrival. This stunning Free People dress from Shopbop arrived this morning as well...I swear the snow was waiting for it, knowing how perfectly matched the two are. The intricate detail on this dress is breath-taking, I've never seen anything like it and it's quite possible the most beautiful dress I own. I paired it with THIS great hat also from Shopbop which was definitely useful in keeping the snowflakes from wetting my hair or falling too heavily on my face. My dream outfit would be to wear some cozy beige gloves, a nice pale furry coat and some smart and chunky oxfords...all of these beauties are available at ShopBop so go check them out...and have fun in the snow (if you have any)
     //Hat & Dress: ShopBoop /

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mini Take // part o n e

As autum grows older, my collection of coats grows bigger, and I was more than happy to add THIS gorgeous coat (which comes in all my favorite autumn colors: burgundy, mustard yellow, forest green and navy) from this fanstastic and affordable shop called MiniTake . It pairs so nicely with my plaid scarf and favorite slip from Urban Outfitters. Gavin and I were scouting interesting locations on this day and came across a very beautiful fountain. This city is full of hidden treasures, and I'm so happy and blessed to get to discover new things every day. It's so important to surround yourself in a place/atmosphere which brings natural inspiration!
Now all I need is a good snow fall or two to see Ottawa in its fluffly white glory amond the old buildings and small forests!

Have a happy weekend ^.^

    // Coat: MiniTake //Hat, Dress, Shoes: Urban Outfitters /

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Small Spaces

I'm finally getting around to finishing decorating my room, it's been a slow process due to how busy I've been, but lately in my spare time I find it relaxing to just sit on my bed, look around and see what ideas come up and then do them. This is just a small peak, a little more work needs to be done before I do an official room tour on my blog, but I'm happy with how it's coming along. I like to be in spaces that inspire me, whether it's at home or elsewhere...I feel better in a creative space, or at least less restless. Anyway, time indoors means I get to enjoy my summer clothes just a little bit longer ;)

    // Skirt: Tinydeal //Shirt: Urban Outfitters /

Friday, 7 November 2014

Foxy Originals GIVEAWAY

I have the very best treat for you all! It's a Foxy Originals giveaway. I've recently had the pleasure of collaborating with them, and recieved the pieces I'm wearing in these photos: the blue and gold earrings, "You are my sun, my moon and all my stars" bracelet , and this dream catcher necklace! I love this shop, as it carries very inimitable pieces that seem almost personalized...I think this is a shop for dreamers, you should all check them out. (They are also Canadian! I so rarely get to support Canadian brands, and I'm very excited about this).
Right, back to the giveaway. Isn't that dream catcher necklace to die for? Wouldn't you like to have one sent to your house FOR FREE. Of course you would, you have taste and you love a good deal. So here's all you have to do to enter: 

1. "Like"  Foxy Originals Facebook Page HERE

2. Follow my blog (on any platform: bloglovin' , blogger, google, etc)

3. Leave your name and e-mail adress in the comments bellow once you're finished!
And just like that, this necklace could be yours! I will be choosing a winner at random November 13th, at 2:00 pm, so keep an eye on your e-mails (and your junk folder just in case). Good luck my lovelies!

    // Dress: FreePeople //Headband: Urban Outfitters // Jewlery: Foxy Originals