Monday, 21 December 2015

Forest 4 months till 5 months old

* sits up on his own
*cutting his first tooth

Things that make him smile:
*Kisses are his favourite and that's my favourite
*reading, signing, dancing
*whenI say "mum!" to him
*when mom and dad laugh or kiss
*funny faces
*Mimicking him

*car seat
His eyes: still that baby blue but seem to be darkening
Hair: Golden Brown, his eyebrows are more noticeable and he has his dad's thick beautiful lashes!

I can't believe how lively and hilarious he's getting to be! He is so full of life and love, his positive energy is wonderfully  contagious! Playing with him is so much fun, and he loves making us laugh! He's started sitting up on his own, mastering flipping from front to back and vice versa as well as his crawling movements. He still treats a bottle like a teething toy and is obsessed with his Dad which is simultaniously adorable and annoying, haha. He is a drool machine and is cutting his very first tooth at the bottom front! Every day is new and happy and wonderful, watching him grow and become this full functioning tiny human is so entertaining and rewarding. He is so beautiful!
 Enjoy his 4 month adventures video!

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