Saturday, 29 August 2015

First Family Picnic

These were taken three weeks ago, on a beautiful day just a small walk outside of our appartment. Forest was three weeks old when we brought him for his first picnic, and although he may have slept through almost the entire thing, it remains to be one of my favorite days together...our little tribe. Gavin had the day off, so we took advantage...packing fruit and drinks, our favourite adventure blanket, an umbrella for shade, and our tiny bear of course. I remember how the sun felt on my skin, watching Forest's sweet face as he slept, the quiet conversations Gavin and I had about how precious our boy really is. These past six weeks have been the most wholesome, lovely, overwhelming days of my life and I'm doing my best to document as much as I can, for myself, Gavin and Forest.  Truthfully, memories fade and I'm already seeing how fast he's growing. Honeslty, looking at these photos, Forest is already so different than he was at this time; so it's really nice, not only to have photos and vedio's of these memories, but these blog posts as well. Here I get to write and express exactly how I felt on this day, little details I never want to lose. Growing up, my dad constantly had a camera or video camera on us, and we still love all getting together to look through those old photos and watch our funny family vedios and I want Forest to have that as well ^.^

Friday, 21 August 2015

Gypsy Heart

It's such a beautiful time of year...the "in-between" seasons is always great, especially the transition into autumn. The air is becoming crisper, leaves are readying to change before thier fall, it all means my favorite time of year is on its way. This autumn will be the most special because it is my first one with Forest. Before that happens though, I'm getting all the wear I can out of my summer wardrobe (now that I can fit into everything in my closet again) as well as new pieces such as this gypsy dress from Dresslink. Give me any flowy dress with an interesting pattern and I'm the happiest girl in the world!
Hat, Kimono, Shoes (from URBAN OUTFITTERS)

Monday, 17 August 2015

One Month of Forest





When they say time flies when you have kids, they really mean it. I can't believe as I'm writting this, Forest is five weeks old. I'm making a point to document every single moment possible through my blog and instagram. I mean, look at those photos, look how much he's grown already! It's crazy!
This first month with him has been a wonderful, exhausting adventure. Forest is a soft soul who loves the quiet, mom and dad, and the outdoors. He has rarely cried (only the few times he had some pretty bad cramps, poor guy) and has been a pure joy in our lives. 
We've had plenty of adventures together so far (which will come to the blog very soon)
He has been on his first hike, picnic, wedding, and more!
After being in the hospital for two days when he was born, Gavin and I were very excited to finally bring him home.
Getting accustomed to Forest and Parent life has come pretty naturally, which is likely thanks to how easy going our baby is. As a newborn, he sleeps alot, but when he's awake, he is incredibly alert! He is curious but likes to sleep when there is loud noise or alot of people around.
 He has captured the hearts of everyone who has met him so far ^.^
I can't wait to continue watching him grow and explore and see who he turns out to be.
* Has been smiling since day one
*lifts his head with ease and looks around (lifts his entire uper body and pulls himself forward)
*Little chuckles came at about 4 weeks
*Has started putting pressure on his feet, likes to stand and jump (with my supporting his neck and back)

Things that make him smile:
*Coming home after spending a couple days away or just having been out of the house for very long
*Gavin's darth vador voice
*When I rant to him about how much I love him and how sweet he is

I can tell already what a special soul he is, he is such a blessing on this earth, we are beyond blessed with this one.





Friday, 7 August 2015

Shein Wishlist

Summer is nearing its end, but there are still plenty of summer parties/events to come, so here is my ideal wishlist for the perfect garden party outfit (all items from SHEIN)


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Darling, you belong among the wildflowers

I'm in love with minimalist pieces these days...I think they are so lovely and fresh and perfect for summer months. This simple yet beautiful dress from Dresslink is one of my favourite simple pieces for this summer. I couldn't resist wearing it to frolock through this gorgeous flower field (which I'm sure you will be seeig alot of on here) right near my house! 


Monday, 3 August 2015

Flower Child

On days I know I won't be leaving the house (which never happened before, but as a new mom, it's a given) I usually wear a slip or just a house coat (easy items to nurse with), and don't bother too much with my appearance. But then there are days, even when you know you will be home all day, cleaning, finishing the move and taking care of your baby, you still want to look and feel good. So I will sometimes throw a pretty kimono over a slip (this gorgeous slip is from SHEIN), add a flower crown and minimal makeup and ta-da, instant home-fairy status. These dress up days have become important to me as I've been struggling with self-love more than ever before. The post-baby bod isn't my fav, and I still have a couple of weeks of healing to do before I can do any sort of anything to make me feel a little better about myself is entirely welcome! 

slip (from SHEIN)