Sunday, 24 January 2016


Though I've taken a step back from working as a brand rep, there are still some that I will be reviewing from time to time (pieces and stores that are of good quality and that I believe in!) I recently recieved this thick, long comfortable blouse from YOYOMELODY and was instantly smitten. I love the thick, soft quality of the trying to build a more purposeful closet, this is the perfect building block. Because of the color and simple style, it goes with just about anything in my closet and will last me years. These are the types of pieces I feel confident in promoting and sharing with you all. So please do take a look at thier webiste, they have alot to offer!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Forest's journey from five months to six

Forest at six months old:
* sits up on his own (for no more than a couple minutes though)
*has two bottom teeth!
*Stands on his own against furniture (for no more than ten seconds)

Things that make him smile & laugh:
*Attention and encouragement (especially hearing the phrase "good job!")
*When we pop our lips at him (kind of like a fish)
*tickling or fake biting him under his arms
*when dad comes home from work
*when I speak to him in my deepest voice, haha
*Mimicking him

*car seat, though much less so each time!


His eyes: still that baby blue but seem to be lightening now (light specs of green coming through) though they continue to change slightly daily.
Hair: Light Golden Brown, his eyebrows are more noticeable and he has his dad's thick beautiful lashes!
Forest is becoming more loving and funny the older he gets. He loves to cuddle and gives the sweetest koala bear hugs, it's our favourite. Still watchful in social settings and only lets his crazy personality out when he's around people he is comfortable and familiar with. He is so very close to crawling, seeing his determination is wonderful. He had his sixth month needles and didn't shed a tear either, brave boy! We fall more and more in love and awe of him each day, he has such sunlight in him and the very best smile in the universe.
 Enjoy his 5 to 6 month adventures video!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

The First Day of The New Year

The first day of 2016 was spent trecking through the newly fallen snow and showing Forest his second waterfall (the same one Gavin and I took our wedding photos at). The water was pretty loud so it caught his Forest's attention and he was mesmerized. We didn't explore for very long, as the temperature was continuing to drop but it was a great way to start the new year, all together, in nature!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


We celebrated the new year indoors, with some of the people we love most and didn't even make it to Midnight.

A New Direction

This is the first new year which brought time for reflection for me. I've been away from social media (save for posting a few photos of Forest from the holidays) and spending most of my time, with my baby of course, but every few seconds of free time at a moment has been dedicated to my writing. Since I was in the seventh grade and first fell in love with literature, I wanted to be a writer. My plan since then for school and such was always just to have a job that could sustain me while I write until it would become a full time job. So I went to school and graduated, then life happened, and this blog happened and suddenly I'd went years without focusing on my writing, and completely hadn't even noticed. It's been taking alot of courage to share my writing, as it has always been something I did privately. But there has been a recent shift in me, and I feel thousands of stories being whispered to me every minute and I need to let them out. So this post is basically a fair warning that my blogging on this site will be significantly less often and I may stop working as a brand rep altogether. For now, I'm trying to juggle mothering, working with a handful of amazing shops as a brand rep (I will continue the parterships I have already made and cease to work with new companies for now), and writing. If you're interested, you can follow my writing blog HERE. So far I have only published a short story for the book I'm working on, but I will be working on adding as much content as possible in the coming weeks. So here's to another year, a better year and following our dreams!

Dress from DressLink