Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sleep and Poetry

I've been good at keeping myself pretty busy lately; I've been having what I'm assuming is extreme round ligament pain and so haven't been able to really leave the house or do anything physically demanding, but luckily there's always crafts. I've been designing jewlery for a future collaboration with my sister, making flower crowns and painting. I go stir crazy without a project at hand and so I keep a never-ending list of things I'd like to do for times like these. During these times, I find it necessary to dress for comfort even more than usual. Once again anything with a loose and draping  silhouette has done the trick. Kimono's & waistless maxi skirts are quickly becoming a favorite combination of mine! I've never been a sweats kind of girl, so I opt for shapeless dresses and skirts instead when I want to feel my most comfortable!
// Kimono & Skirt: URBANOUTFITTERS // Boots: Doc Martens

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Precious Moments

I was going through old photo folders and came accross some forgotten pictures from an old spring adventure. Coming across forgotten treasures almost a year later is really great, it brings forth a welcome sense of nostalgia as well as excitement for the adventures to come. This day, Gavin and I browsed the Bayward Market in Ottawa and surrounding neighborhoods. I remeber what a beautiful day it was, sun shining, busy bodies bustling about, sipping coffee and admiring the gardens that have recently come to bloom. I can't wait to go back and create more amazing memories like these.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Deep roots are not reached by the frost

It seems a white blanket of ice has fallen from the sky and covered all it could reach...plants are covered in frost, water in ice...what better way to offset this glacial backdrop than with pastel floral patterns? Although spring is still a ways away, it's always fun to play pretend in the mean time...especially on warm days like this one! Lately I've been busy drying flowers, re-decorating, trying to urge an early spring to my indoor environment, I decided to inspire one outdoors as well in this charming kimono from Romwe. My kimono collection has been growing fast and I am not apologetic in the least for it. I am so smitten with thier comfortable fit, enthralling patterns and let's face it, anything with tassles is welcome in my closet ;)
     // Kimono: ROMWE // Hat & Sunglasses: FOREVER21

Monday, 23 February 2015

Mixing prints and patterns

 In reality, this ensemble should not work. I'm mixing a whole bunch of colors and prints here: brown hat, green plaid shirt, blue and white floral dress and black tights. Never the less, I love how they look together. I think it definitely helps that the colors are all earthy tones, and the subtle floral print is a nice setting for the loud plaid. This has definitely encouraged me to try mixing pieces in my closet together I never would have, more often!
Febuary is almost over, which here means one month left of winter. Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to spring? The first day you get to open your windows to let in the fresh (and not numbignly cold) air through, hearing the snow crackle and melt beneath the hot sun, and of course the singing birds! We've been having our first couple of days with only -8 weather (after -40 it feels like heaven), so maybe spring isn't as far off as I think!
     // Plaid Shirt: ROMWE

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Awake my Soul

"the very best action, the very best choice, is the one that considers every person and everything, everywhere to the benefit of one another."
The older I get the more I wonder what sort of mark I am leaving on this earth....the older I get the more I realize how badly I want everything  I do to be done with a purpose. I've been feeling more and more how we are all connected, how everything we do directly and indirectly impacts eachother and the world as a whole. In efforts to help myself grow, I've become more attuned to the world around me, seeing clearly what is toxic and what is light. I want everything I participate in to either continue my growth, enlighten or leave a mark of love an light. These are things which have become more important to me day by day. I want to bring a child into a world of light where people look out for one another, and leave marks of love and enlightenment with every step.
I thought it would be great to set my deepest intentions in honor of tonights new moon. 
I hope you are all having a lovely week!
     // Dress: Urban Outfitters // Flower Crown: handmade by me

Thursday, 12 February 2015

D.I.Y dream catchers//wall hangings

It's funny where inspiration can spring from. For example, the other day I was wearing this lovely dress from Sheinside admiring the interesting mix of colors and patterns and became suddenly inspired to make the space around me a little more interesting as well. Since my most recent move, I haven't really made time to decorate my space as I usually do, and the largest wall in my room is just plain white. I tried thinking of easy, homemade ways to make the wall a little more interesting and came up with a triangle dream catcher and moved on to other cute hangings that you can see in the photo above. It was incredibly easy to do and all you need is:
a few different colors of string,
crystals or pendants
I shaped the sticks into the pattern I wanted and began to tie the ends together tightly with string.
After you finish fastening the ends together to accomplish the shape you want, take some string and begind tying it around the bottom row like this:
Then have a crystal, stone or pendant hang from the center and voila! easy as pie (easier, in fact). It was so easy and fun to make, I look forward to seeing what other little creations come from this idea.

To think my wall was so easily made pretty with sticks and crystals...I love how our earth gives us so much and have lately been changing habbits and planning for more of a minimalist natural envrionment. Having just had a birthday and expecting I've been thinkig alot about these things and so far I'm enjoying the transition. Breezy beautiful dresses like this one certainly help in the process of valuying comfort in any environment ;)
     // Dress: SHEINSIDE

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Spring embroidery

I'm not one to go crazy over Valentines day, however, I do find myself, year after year gravitating towards more romantic prints and materials around this time of year. Lace, chiffon and florals and embroidery are some of my favorite romantic materials/prints, and I tend to carry them from Valentines day until the wnd of summer. By now I'm typically sick of winter weather and pretend spring is here by wearing more of my spring wardrobe. This gorgeous blouse from Sheinside is a new addition but one I will be sure to wear regularily in the coming months. The bright colored embroidery is what makes me so fond of this piece, it's almost as though spring is coming alive through this blouse! I also love how long and flowy it is...I have paired it with a white slip underneath, as it is long enough to wear as a mini dress, and some wine red socks for warmth. I look forward to the day when I will no longer be needing tights and socks!
     // Blouse: SHEINSIDE // Hat: FOREVER21 // socks: URBANOUTFITTERS