Thursday, 31 December 2015

DIY: plant hanger

Happy New Years Eve! Our blog is ending the year with a little D.I.Y project, as I keep getting asked where I get my decor and other than Celine's Painted Treasures, my stuff is made by me! My newest project has been this Plant Hanger and it turned out exactly how I imagined! I'm excited to share it with you all. 
Let's get started, here is what I used:
1 beautiful large branch (you can find this OUTDOORS haha)
3 jars (thrifted)
A string of twine
White string
Three Rubber bands
Dried plants
I began with the simplest part, I wrapped and tied the twine on each end of my stick to hang as a triangle.
I then proceded to tie a rubber band around each jar where I wanted my string to hang. I simply used it as friction for the string. I'm not a rocket scientist so who knows if this actually makes a difference haha.
Then I took my white string and looped it around the jar a couple of times where the rubber bands are tied.
I then used a seperate piece of string to tie in a quadroople (???) knot around the band + string tied around the top of the jar, linking it to the branch. I then looped it three times around the branch before tying it.
I did the same thing with the two other jars, however I did not measure my string. I layed it out and used my eye to measure what length I liked. I also didn't want them semetrical in height, so it worked out perfectly!
I then hung it on a cieling hook and voila! Forest loves it also!
I hope this was helpful, HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!

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