Thursday, 29 October 2015

To Forest,


When at first, you were wrapped in my skin, I felt you and I knew you but it was not until you broke from the earth and into the air as seeds do--taking your very first breaths that we knew the greatness we had made. You were placed on my chest, and I wrapped my weak, shaking arms around your new slippery skin. So fragile in your miniscule body, I wanted to protect you from the world in which you've just entered. But as your bones grow stronger and move in steadfast determination--I know I cannot protect you from it all...I couldn't even prepare you for it...Instead, I will watch you run wild, discover things, experience your own euphoria and devistation. When you take your first steps, I will be there. When you fall immedately afterward, I will be there. I cannot shield you from everything, and now I realize that I don't want to. I want you to feel alive in your skin, to taste all you ache for-whether you fail or fly. It will never be my job to tell you where to go or what to do, to "don't do this or that"; Follow your heart my sweet boy, run free, play sweetly, and I will follow you, wherever you go. In triumph and dismay, I will be with you.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Forest 2 months old till 3 months

Late again, as he is coming close to four months now, haha. But here is Forest's three month update:

* rolls over to his side
*can fully keep his head and upper body upright without any help
*can pull himself forwards short distances during tummy time
*Makes spit bubbles
*laughed ( full on gut laugh) for the first time!
*Can grab hold of any object and bring it to his mouth to chew

Things that make him smile:
*Kisses always
*when mom sings to him
*waking up in the morning
*bumps when he's in the stroller haha
*watching mom eat (?)
*When we read to him
*car seat
*being cradled like a baby
*bottle (still won't take it) 
His eyes: still that baby blue
Hair: he's balding but it's currently blonde though bound to change when it grows back.
14 pounds and wonderfully healthy
Forest has been keeping us busier and busier lately, he is like new every day, discovering and learning new things daily makes being his mom so fun. Like me he is definitely a morning person. We have the greatest conversations and squealing competitions on the morning! He still adores being outdoors, we can't do as much with the cold weather, but walking about, looking at birds and trees seems to be enough to satisfy his restless spirit and curiousity. The sweetest things lately have been his huge smiles when I kiss his cheeks over and over while he looks in the mirror, when he opens his eyes slightly at night, sees me, smiles and falls back asleep...basically any time he smiles haha. it's the very best! He has such a light in him that is obvious even at his little age. Everyone loves him, he loves almost everyone (vibes dont lie). His teething has gotten a little worse, but he is coping well and still sleeping good between feedings, but likes to wake up anywhere between 4:30-7 which can be tiring. But there is no doubt is is more and more wonderful with each passing day. I didn't know I could love this much.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Autumn's Transition

As I write, I continue to glance out of my living room window, and the little white specks that are falling from the sky. Yes. It's snowing. Halloween hasn't even arrived yet, and we've had two hail storms and two snow falls this week. It makes looking at these photos all the more bittersweet, my favourite season doesn't seem to want to stay very long. Luckily, anytime before January is a magical time for snow (although Forest won't be able to do much with it until next winter) . So now I guess we will be taking advantage of cooler days rather than cold and get ready to hibernate this winter, haha.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Brick Wall, Waterfall

These were taken a couple of weeks ago, when summer was holding on to the very last second. The sun shone brightly but the wind remained as cool as the rocks we climbed; the leaves have just started thier transition into thier colorful arrangement. It was the perfect day for a nature walk to explore some little waterfalls. It was special to come here for the first time with Forest, as this is the place Gavin and I had my maternity photos taken. It was surreal to know that the last time I was here, Forest was tucked away sweetly in my belly, and now I hold him in my arms and I get to show him the beauty our world beholds. The sound of running water and whispering trees is surely what made Forest fall asleep about half way, so he missed the last half of it, but was entirely fascniated by the waterfall we first came accross. Days like these, beautiful days with my family, and my sister who joined us; days that shine bright, days which Forest gets to experience something new, and we could all be together...these are the days that I live for.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Calm

Life is started to settle to quiet days around home with my little family. Since Forest's birth, there's been an event or plans for an adventure almost every single week. As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of keeping busy, but I've been enjoying our quiet time lately too. How fun it is to get all bundled up in knits, coffee and baby in tow to go to the lake and watch the sunset, head for a walk in near by trails or simply stay in and soak up eachother's company. These days are filled with a calming sweetness that wil never get old. I hope this season is treating you all as well as it is treating me :)

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

The coming of autumn

Although September was generally quite a hot month, it had brought us some lovely overcast cool days every once and a while...for me, this marked the impending arrival of my favorite season. The start of fall is so exciting, the first time  you get to put on your knits before leaving the house, feeling that cool breeze for the first time, brings a certain calming essence. The very same essence we get when we are among the colorful trees, sipping away at our autumn flavor cofffee. What is it about fall that makes us feel so at ease and serene? Sharing these quiet, nature-filled moments with my family has quickly become my favorite way to pass the time and make memories. Forest absolutely loves the outdoors and we make sure to spend time either exploring or at least earthing once a day. How blessed I feel to live in such a natural environment!