Sunday, 6 December 2015

Here's to you

Here's to one year of marriage with you!

You and I have never been ordinary my love. We have never loved conventionally and nor will we start. Since we met I loved you fiercely and have been relentless since. Being in the same room, I was drawn to you like a magnet...fingers grasping to reach any part of you and you answered with the same beautiful vulnerability. We knew at once this love was once in a lifetime, that we were lucky...soulmates. Our fire burned so bright that for a time I was worried something this powerful and beautiful could not could it? Surely something this bright would burn out? 
Instead though, six months later we left the theater to walk in the most beautiful garden I've ever seen; and as the rain made its slow and soft descent from the sky, you took my hand and gave me a ring. You told me we would be together for all of time and I knew you were right. 
We had something, from the beggining.
We knew it, and so did everyone else.
You can never know what joy it brings me to know I found you my love, and so soon.
And so here we are, married for a year, a baby on my hip and a love greater than life itself. 
I like to think of us in passing seasons. In the winter, when we fell in love...walking at night, our breath like smoke in the frigid air. Cold noses, warm kisses, skin wrapped together under layers of wools and knits, creating our own world of magic.
In the spring, new begginings...moving i together one year, moving to the city the next. Adventuring about. Visiting museums and exploring new things...your arms wrapped tightly around me, your kisses like warm rain drops on my face.
Summer. You, me, early morning fog and a dog. The smell of your skin in the sun, bike riding and movie-seeing, making plans and making magic. 
Autumn. Cool air and and crisp leaves bellow our feet. Hiking; you, shaking trees and me, watching in awe as they danced thier way around your body like they were lovers teasing one another with thier soulful movement. 
I like to think of us during changes...change of seasons, change of cities and jobs and wonder how our love has remained unwavering through it all. 
You have given me the family of my dreams, the life of my dreams. Because of you and our son, I have everything...a full heart, a peaceful mind and spirit.
I love you endlessly.

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  1. You two are just so amazing ! Happy 1 year friends!