Monday, 28 September 2015

Forest 1 month till 2 months old

 Forest as a one month old is a complete delight. His journey from one moth to two has been so adventurous and sweet. His personality has come to life and Gavin and I are completely in love and awe of him, more and more with each day, with each new thing learnt, with each smile, chuckle, hug...all of it. 

* Babbles and loves having conversations
*can fully keep his head and upper body upright without any help
*can pull himself forwards short distances during tummy time
*Makes spit bubbles
*chuckles mostly in his sleep, but has two times after I have laughed.
*rolls over to his side
*Can grab hold of certain objects
Things that make him smile:
*Coming home after spending a couple days away or just having been out of the house for very long
*Mom and Dads voices, his cousins
*the triangles on his wall in his room (?)
*Being Outdoors
*straps (mostly the car seat)
*Being Bored
His eyes: still that baby blue
Hair: A mystery....sometimes blonde, auburn or bright red?
12.5 pounds and wonderfully healthy

Forest is always calm when there are others around, always watching and observing, his wise eyes love to take everything in. Just like mom and dad, he lets his personality out when he is around the people he is comfortable around, when the crowd becomes big or people unrecognisable to him, he is quiet and watchful. He gets bored, he has iherited my restless soul and loves to experience and see new things constantly. I often have to bring him or place him in a new area of the house for him when he is fussy and bored. We go outside twice a day. First for a 30-45 minute walk, then again after dinner to either play at the park or adventure somewhere new for another hour. I personaly love this about him. I go stir crazy being indoors and not baby is perfect for my restless spirit and I for his!
He sleeps pretty well at night except for his feedings and sometimes wants to play and chat at 3 in the morning (but it's too cute for me to even be annoyed at my lack of sleep) and still remains a rare crier (car seat and two month needles are the only things that bring on tears) He never cries when hungry or tired...we have a fantastic relationship, I read  all his cues and respond before he ever needs to be upset, even at night.
All in all, this life is more than I ever imagined. Watching Forest grow and learn is my life's biggest blessing.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Picnic Fun

My sister brought her two lovely girls (my sweet nieces) over for a visit and we decided to go to the park and have a picic! So far, I don't see any brothers or sisters for Forest, so being close to his cousins is really important to me. I grew up with a huge family (I'm the oldest of seven children. No that wasn't a typo. seven.) I loved being surrounded by my brothers and sisters, I love that they are all my best friends and it's something I want Forest to have. So far he adores Rayne and Harlow, always smiling whenever he sees them or hears thier voices and giggles, it's really sweet. The girls had fun running around and eating treats, and although Forest can't do much right now, he got to go on the slide with Gavin and I and the swings as well (which he loves). It was really such a great day, I'm glad we got some of it on film! We definitely need to make this a monthly tradition in the warm months :)

Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Raymond Tribe August 13---September13

The tales of a one month old ft. mom & dad

Thursday, 10 September 2015

A Forest in a Field of Flowers

These were taken when Forest was about three weeks old, at the end of our picnic we decided to pull out the camera and stroll through this lovely field of wildflowers. I will treasure these photos forever.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Earthside Memories

As a new mom, I often hear the phrase "it's not like they'll remember anyway..." when talking about my child, someone else's child or thier own. I started thinking about this and what it really means, and have come to the conclusion that I do not accept this. For neither bad nor good things will I ever accept that it doesn't matter because they won't remember. Our ability to remember something does not determine its importance. Fore example, I would never be okay with somethig bad happening to or around my child simply because he may not remember it...I would also never deprive my child of any happy or exciting experiences because he may not remember. Whether or not he remembers years from now, every second of our time here on earth helps shape us, and I try my hardest (yes, even though he is only 8 weeks old) to make every second count towards something positive. We took this hike together when Forest was only two weeks old...if I have the ability to share and give him exciting experiences, wether he remembers or not, then I want him to have them. In any case, he certainly feels things in the moment, and those feelings will help determine what kind of person he will become. There are so many articles, blog posts and advice being given towards the physical safety of our children, and it seems to me that emotional and spiritual wellness aren't discussed or deemed important enough, but I'd like to change least in my household. Health is not only physical, my son's happiness and the way he experiences this earth are equally important, so bring on the positive atmospheres, the adventures and the love, these are the things I will continue to surround my son in (whether he will remember or not).
That's all for today's mini rant, haha, enjoy your week!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Plants Are Friends

I've bee excited to do this post from the very miute this shirt arrived at my door from Wholesalebuying along with a few other pieces I will feature later on. But as a true lover of plants and all nature, I am particularily fond of this one. I've been collecting my own arrangement of plants for our appartment and love the freshness and beauty they bring. So far, I try to stick to low-maintenance plants as well as an arrangement of dried plants and flowers around too. My summer plants are begining to wither with the arrival of the cool weather as well, so I'll be needing to stick to indoor plants exclusively soon. I do look forward to learning as much as I can about plant life and teach Forest how to care for them and what they can be used for in our daily lives as well. Mother Nature provides for us in so many unbelievable ways, I want us to keep in tune with our natural roots.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Autumn Florals

That time of year is surely on its way...the sky is cloudier, the air crisper, the ground cooler. Even the plants have begun thier change of seasons, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I love autumn and everything that comes with it, especially the fashion. Who isn't a fan of cozy sweaters, fun layers and of course, autumn florals (which are arguably better than spring florals). I love the earthy tones of this dress, it is quite possibly my favourite autumn outfit this season. This dress is shapeless and well lined, perfect for keeping me warm against the cool wind. I can't wait to see what other fall styles come to life this season!
dress, hat and boots (from FOREVER21)