Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I recently had the pleasure of receiving this lovey jumpsuit from Yesfor , and it's making me wonder why I was never interested in jumpsuits before. This one is super comfortable, yet looks so chic with the lace trim on the blouse and high waist on the pant. You can easily dress it up or down, and it's light enough to wear throughout the summer.
Anywho, I have a busy week ahead of me, but some fun plans up ahead. I hope your first days of summer have been lovely so far!

  Hat & Shirt : Forever21 // Skirt:Jacob

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Black&White (pt 2?)

In keeping up with my obsession of black and white...here is a little post in which I wanted to sort of recreate a classic black and white (vintagy) look. I will never not be in love with a good striped top, in fact my collection of them is getting a little out of hand. But anyway, as much I love quirky prints and odd accessories, I've also always loved classic vintage looks...I admire women such as: audrey hepburn, alexa chung, twiggy, etc for thier sense of classic/timeless style that I try to keep a little of in my closet somewhere. 

  Hat & Shirt : Forever21 // Skirt:Jacob

Monday, 16 June 2014

Black and White

I'm feeling a big pull towards all white and black outfits lately. There's just something so classic about it that it will never be out of style or seen as anything but chic. Here I've put together some items I plan on collecting: white tenis skirt, holographic sandals, lacy bralets and hight waisted pants, etc. Honestly, it's so easy and comfortable...and you won't have to worry about mixing and matching, amiright?

It's just what I imagined

Everytime I visit my old camus I'm filled with enchantment and nostalgia...two sentiments that go well together, however leave your heart aching. Luckily I have these snaps to keep the loveliness of that day fresh. After walking through this vine filled wonderland, I was able to see my sister, whom I haven't in a while since we live far apart. We visited a caffee called "oh so good" in the market, they had amazing coffee and gluten free cake...I was in heaven. The rest of the weekend was great too, we had a little bon fire, and made some great memories. I am so pleased with this spring I cannot wait to see what summer has in store.

  Hat & Shoes : Urban Outfitters // Dress:Topshop

Friday, 13 June 2014

Elegance and Infinitine

These past few days have been rainy and cloudy, which means I've had several days off in a row. I've spent these days lounging around, reading, writing, drinking coffee in pretty dresses and these gorgeous pieces from  infinitine . I have a pair of contellation earrings, a branch necklace and this beautiful antler ring. Everyone who knows me is aware of my enthousiasm for the natural world, which is what the infinitine's jewlery focuses largely on...making it my new favorite site to shop for jewlery. 
I've always been very picky when it comes to jewlery, you have probably noticed that I don't wear alot...it's basically because I'm only really interested in extremely unique pieces, and have managed to collect some distinctive items over the years and am exctatic to add these beauties to my collection.
Anywho, happy friday and I hope you all have a very lovely weekend ^.^

  flowercrown : Urban Outfitters // jewlery: Infinitine

Monday, 9 June 2014

summer lovin'

I've been a real busy bee lately, I'm working and exploring and unfortunately haven't been bringing my camera out and about as much as I should/would like, at least for the sake of keeping up with these posts, even as it begins to get busy! 
Well, I had today off, so I went to one of my favorite places, and to my surprise, flowers have sprouted. The quality of these photos do not do this place justice, it's truly breath-taking. 
It's also been extremely hot out, and the only thing I can seem to wear are tank-top dresses. Unfortunately I don't own very many, and I am 99% positive I will need more to survive this summer ;)
Lucky for me I have this adorable dress in the mean time. Anything light and airy on those hot days is good enough for me (plus you can't beat this cute pattern).
I hope everyone's week goes well ^.^

  Dress : Urban Outfitters //