Monday, 14 December 2015

The Tree Farm


It was beautifully warm on the day Forest, Kayla (Forest's aunt) and myself paid a visit to one of our closest tree farm's! Entering the property of the kind older couple who grew these beauties felt quite like entering another world. We drove through small piles of nostalgia-inhibited knick knacks before reaching a set of dirt roads that led to the five seperate tree lots. We went passed the horses and stopped at a smaller lot that was empty of people save for a family at the oposite end. Thier dog immediately ran over to greet us and decided he would follow us on our exploration of the lot. Our sweet furry friend would find the nearest stick to lay in front of us, eyes pleading to play. So we walked about, playing fetch, snapping photos and breathing in the fresh smell of pine that hovered all around. When the wind and the rain interrupted our adventure, we hurried back into the warm car and made our way to our favorite local coffee shop. Forest was tired from the day's charms and slept soundly against my chest while we sipped our london fog's and chatted the afternoon away.
These are memories I will hold dear for all of time.

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