Friday, 4 December 2015

Forest: 3 months till 4 months old

* rolls over from front to back and back to front
*mimics certain sounds (screeching, caughing, mum, and mmmmmm)
*can pull himself forwards short distances during tummy time
*very interactive with people and objects

Things that make him smile:
*Kisses always (especially on his feet now that he's discovered them)
*reading, signing, dancing
*when I go "mmmmmmmm" to him
*when mom and dad laugh or kiss
*When we read to him
*Music(especially fleet foxes and hotline bling haha)

*car seat
*bottle (still won't take it) 
*Snow flakes on his face
His eyes: still that baby blue
Hair: Golden Brown, his eyebrows are more noticeable and he has his dad's thick beautiful lashes!
15.6 pounds and wonderfully healthy

Forest's personality comes out more and more each day. He is so sweet and loving, has a great sense of humor (loves to laugh and play). He's a little more selective of people, but generally loves everyone and smiles constantly! He loves moving around and seeing how loud his voice can go! Obviously still teething, hit a pretty rough patch but he's been feeling much better and sleeping wonderfully. He still wakes up twice at night to eat,sometimes more, and is usually awake between 6-7 to start his day and in bed between 8-9 at night. My favorite things right now are his "quiet conversations". Usually in the morning or after naps, we lay together and his little hands will reach for my face and I'll speak softly to him and he coos softly back. It's the sweetest. He's also ticklish on his feet and sides! I try so hard to soak up each moment with him in every stage, as he is changing so fast! I'm so thankful to live at a time where everything is so easily captured and documented!

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