Friday, 3 October 2014

Brittany Brittany Gushue

Meet Brittany Brittany Gushue, student, artist, model and triumph of eccentricity. I have recently had the lucky pleasure of spending the day with Brittany, observing her naturally while working at her craft in one of her favorite places to manifest her creativity; whilst learning more about her, her art and her plans for the future!

It was a beautiful day when we met, the sun was out and the sky was clear...not a trace of the autumn chill we've been experiencing on most days. We met at "the Studio" a favorite café of Brittany's, which she frequently visits to sip some amazing coffee whilst bringing her creations to life. Though Brittany is currently working on her Bachelor of Arts degree, she still manages to find time to work on her passions: art and modelling. 
As an artist, Brittany is inspired by the world around her-she loves incorporating realism and a variety of different perspectives in her art: "I would describe it as pop-art meets realism, Its grounded in reality but I tend to distort that and create my own sense of reality."
From sketching, to painting, to carving, the list goes on and on and Brittany Williams does it all, and does it with singularity and pure passion. Though her work has often been compared to Andy Warhol, her style is unbelievably distinct and resolute, making her art inimitable.

A woman of many talents and passions, Brittany is also working on breaking into the modelling industry. Currently unsigned, she's been working with a variety of different photographers and brands, continuously evolving as a model and using her art and love of fashion as inspiration! Much like her art, her look, though stunning, is unconventional and fiery. If anyone is interested in collaborating with Brittany in regards to art, photography or fashion you can e-mail her here:


After snapping some photos and emptying a mug of delicious cappuccino, I was able to ask Brittany a few questions:

ME: What daily inspirations do you use in your art?

Brittany: Advertisements is where I get most of my inspiration, I try to pay attention to the subliminal messages that go into everyday advertising as in the posters on store fronts or the posters you see walking down the street, whether it be a billboard or a side of the bus. Overall I tend to draw inspiration from other artists and nature. I think there's this primal connection to nature that us city dwellers often overlook while busy running around in this concrete jungle so to speak.

ME: Do you feel as though the modelling world and art world are connected in any way?
Brittany: I feel yes absolutely, what is modelling if not an art? I think often times it gets degraded as something that a "pretty girl" does but there's a lot more to it than that. I prefer to actually work with visual artists intimately in their space when given the opportunity as a nude model. But I would argue what is beauty if not art? And I’ve seen some beautiful models who have inspired me to re-create their image. So yes, absolutely the modeling world and the art world are connected. And not just on a creation level, often times artists need models to model their art, depending on what their medium is. Fashion is Art.

ME: Who is someone you admire either in the fashion industry or art community whom you would one day like to work with?

Brittany: Hands down in the fashion industry Russell Brand and Kelly Cutrone. I think Russeell Brand and Kelly Cutrone really understand the way the world works and are both super successful, sassy and fashionable. They just got it going on so I would die for an opportunity to work with them one day. On a local level, I really like Cara Tierney's work and think she's got something really special and profound to say. 


This lovely lady also runs a blog, so if you wish to keep up with her, visit and follow:

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