Monday, 27 October 2014

All my dreams, my dear, they are of you.

Unfortunately I've been pretty sick with the flu these past couple of days. So whenever I find the energy to get out of's not to go very far. Luckily there are the loveliest gardens and parks around making it possible for me to get the fresh air I so badly need without having to stray too far from my bed. Now, allow me to introduce to you my new favorite autumn addition: THIS stunning vintage coat from FrontRowShop . Everything about is pretty well perfect, the color ( I believe I've recently dedicated a whole post to my obsession with green) the fit, and the warmth! It is well lined and protects me well against the cool wind. I paired it with a flower crown that I made, I am slowly opening a shop for them (along with other handmade items), you can see what's up so far here . And one of my favorite dresses from Urban Outfitters. I love that, although this coat is of a unique color, I can still manage to match it with most of the items in my closet. Front Row Shop is killing it with thier fall/winter coats, here are a few more of my favorites:

Anyway, I'm off to drink tea until my headache goes away, hopefully I'll be better soon! Have a great week ^.^

    // Dress:Urban Outfitters //Dress: Urban Outfitters

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