Sunday, 19 October 2014

The studio

Since I've made the official move to Ottawa, I've been spending most of my free time discovering new places, I typically share my outdoor adventures on here, but I've been finding the most interesting spaces around the city. This one in particular I'd mentioned when working with Brittany, this coffee shop called The studio , which is a unique space dedicated towards creativity and good coffee. Basically, it's my dream space. The entire caffee acts as an art gallery as well as a creative working space, in fact they even have art classes and host events in the caffee as well.
I encourage you all to check out thier website and if you happen to be in Ottawa, defnitely pay a visit! The atmosphere is completely inviting and's truly impossible to sit in this caffee and not be inpsired! Thier slogan is "sip, ponder, create." A perfect compilation of words to describe this place!
I definitely plan on sharing more of the exciting places I've been coming across!
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!
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