Saturday, 11 October 2014

cookie monster sweater

Any coffee addicts in the house? It's actually quite odd that I haven't mention my own coffee addiction on here, however, if you are following me on instagram, then I am sure you are acutely aware...So naturally when I saw this tote bag and it's simple inspirational quote: "you can do it" -coffee.  It practically jumped into my hands, along with the coziest sweater ever (yes I am aware it resembles the cookie monster, it was the base of its appeal for me). Both items are from forever21, and I paired these items with this hat and gorgeous eyelash slip from Urban Outfitters
It is thankgiving weekend here in Canada and I am home spending it with family and enjoying the time off! We rarely get the whole family in one place yet somehow managed it this weekend and it's been great. I hope you're all enjoying the weekend!

   Sweater & Tote: Forever21 // Hat, Slip & Glasses: UrbanOutfitters