Wednesday, 29 October 2014

On Wednesday's we wear black.

Well, it's almost here, one of the very best days of the year...HALLOWEEN. I've just been having strings of bad luck around this time of year, and every year I never end up getting a costume and having the all-out halloween experiences I used to love growing up. Dressing up is one of my favorite things to do (obviously, I am a fashion blogger), and dressing up with friends is even funner. I sort of cheated with this one and simply bought a hat from the dollar store and used a dress and jewlery I alerady owned and decided to have a halloween shoot at the very least. Yes, a witch costume is easy, but it's also fun. After last season's American Horror Story: Coven , I've been inspired to look witch-like at least once a week. One feels quite powerful entirely in black with stormy skies above them ;) HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE HALLOWEEN GALS AND GHOULS.


  1. Amazing photos.
    I love halloween!

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  2. Oh Halloween is the absolute best-- my favorite season. Such a beautiful witch costume!!!
    Thanks for the wonderful wishes. BTW I love the green door-- it has an old world feel that is very spooky <3