Monday, 20 October 2014

Woodland Euphoria

Autumn is currently in its prime, the colors are vibrant and breathtaking, the air is comfortably cool and the sky resembles something from a horror movie. We've literally had rain every day for two weeks now, and I'm loving it.There's something I find comforting about autumn weather, I'm outdoors more this time of year than I am in the summer!
I'm looking forward to this week, I start my new job, my secret project is coming along, and hopefully I can fit one or two forest adentures in there! It's a funny thing, I always get comments on the way I'm dressed outdoors (I rarely wear pants, I've just always prefered dresses and skirts) and somehow, becuase of this, they think I hate the outdoors, or that I don't belong. Truthfully, I don't care about "getting my dress dirty", what are clothes for if not to live in them? Self expression of course, but how can we express ourselves properly if we let the things we wear limit our activities? Or our activities limit the way we want to dress? Why CAN'T we have it all? I've literally hiked and climbed mountains in my dresses and tights, it's honestly no harder and certainly no more uncomfortable (at least for me, as I am one of "those" who actually find pants too confining and uncomfortable) than wearing pants or shorts. Dresses are great because of how decieving they are...they give the appearance of effort, meanwhile it takes much less to simply throw on one piece of clothing which allows for full body/leg movement. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, not to make assumptions of people based on they choose to look while they live thier own lives. We're all different and comfortable in different environments, clothes, etc. Okay, rant over, Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all have a lovely week ^.^
    // Hat & Skirt: Forever21


  1. Your style is amazing!

  2. What a charming blog you have! How lovely x

    1. wow, thank you! I adore yours as well ^.^