Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lace in Autumn

I am over-the-moon excited to share a beautiful shop I've only recently discovered (most of you have probably already heard of it) called: SHOPBOP . Shopbop is essentially a shop dedicated to aquiring the most beautiful and current designer pieces to showcase and sell in thier shop. They carry one of my favorite brands, as I've metioned before, FREE PEOPLE . Which is where this timeless dress comes from by the way! It was one thing to fall in love with it when I saw it online, but it was a whole other thing to see it in person too. The material is so soft and comfortable, the ruffles and lace so vintage and romantic... and the free people socks I've paired it with are just as soft and lovely! I'm also wearing a UO hat and vintage purse, however, with fall approaching, I think this dress and socks along with some dainty tights, some tassled jeffrey campbell loafers, this casual coat and handsome hat .

I suppose that's what makes fall fashion so fun, the layering! It gives so much more options with our outfits! Not to mention they add to the feeling of being "cozy" wherever you go. This dress is really great for transitioning into fall, although it is a thin lace (a slip or bralet is required underneath), it is long sleeved, soft, and so fun and easy to layer! I look forward to seeing all the different ways I can wear it this season ^.^
Dress & Socks: Shopbop // Hat: UrbanOutfitters //


  1. So gorgeous!

    Katie |

  2. Oh that dress is so romantic. I am in love with freepeople and have often been found drooling on my keyboard, but its just too pricey for me. I might just have to treat myself to one fabulous dress one day though.

    Cats in Crop Tops

  3. I am OBSESSED with this dreamy elegance! Darling this is just so wonderful.
    I am buying that dress right now!!!! Such a beautiful piece

  4. I love your bog- such cute style! New follower <3 Alex