Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Autumn WIsh List

One of the very best things about autumn is the fashion. Who doesn't like being swaddled and cozyily surrounded by knits? I am currently obsessed with Urban Outfitters new fall pieces (most of the items demonstrated above are items currently available here). I wanted to show what my specific autumn essentials are: 
1. gray wool hat (As I've yet to require a gray hat and this color is perfect)
2. black loafer: while I'm typically all about boots and booties during the fall, I also love the look of a loafer paired with fall colored tights and dresses.
3.go-to knitted sweater: a self-explanatory must.
4.a collection of over the knee socks (one can never have too many)
5. Plaid. Plaid anything. Plaid anywhere.
Not to mention anything forest green, burgundy or burnt orange *

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