Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Autumn Chills

 Sweater weather has arrived, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Exploring new places with the cool autumn wind and a coffee in hand is perfection. As some of you have probably noticed...I'm prone to jewlery as of late. Hoever, most of the jewlery I'm wearing has been thrifted or passed down, except for my gorgeous watch from DanielWellington (by the way, shop there anywhere from now until september 30th you can get 15% off using the Code: curios-doll  at the checkout). I honestly don't even take it off, it gows with everything and ads an extra charm to my outfits . You'll have noticed that even when I'm wandering through fields and forests, I'm still in a dress or skirt. For me, it is more comfortable. I loathe wearing pants, so even on expeditions, I stick to my typical feminine style, which doesn't slow me down or inconvinience me in the least. Looks can be so decieving that way...a dress gives the illusion I tried really hard to look nice that morning, when in reality I like them because it's one piece of clothing, and nothing sticks to your legs (except tights which are like a second skin to me). For this advanture I paired two of my favorite fall items from last year. The colors reflect the coming season well, and the knits kept me warm through my adventures.

Sweater&Tights: Forever21 // Skirt&Boots: UrbanOutfitters // Watch:Daniel Wellington

1 comment:

  1. first : stunning!
    second: wow!

    i found your amazing look on LB!, and i loooove it. this what i would wear in autumn.:) cuddely sweater and a dress or a beautiful skirt (: and of course a hat! <3
    very wonderful look!

    nice greetings from germany, and hype hype hype!!!
    Jules from