Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Emeric Chantier

ÉMERIC CHANTIER is an artist/model-maker currently living in Paris. I'm surely not the only one completely blown away by the labyrinthine beauty demontrated in his art work. The minute I came across him, I knew I had to share and do more research. Unfortunately I could not find much on the process or even on the artist himself, however you can visit his website to view more of his amazing art work and read about him. As the entire site is in french, I have translated a quote from the artist bellow for my readers who are interested in learning more about Emeric Chantier and his beautifulartwork:

"My work is related to nature and its relationship with man, it stands as a comparison to our origins , an environmental awareness on the preciousness of our "mother nature" source of all life, a subject that I truly believe in my heart, should be part of a collective consciousness . However , it seems to me important not to fall into a moralizing , to simply illustrate the holding entity of life and at times confront the productions of man. These sculptures take the form of anatomical parts of the man or his creations that fill his daily so he can identify through them without becoming a target. There are simple poetic narratives that should speak for them - even . It is also important to me to show a work detail and quality, so that the observer after reading the general form , may approach and forget to get lost in a universe teeming with life." -E.C

I always love learning about what inspires artists to create and always find it interesting to see what concepts the artist has brought forth and how similar or different they are from our own upon first viewig these pieces. The connection to nature is very present, however I thought, though laced together, the dinstinction between nature and industrialism quite visible in the models with present man made creations that is. And I wonder, what might that represent? After reading the above quote, Chantier's heart clearly lies with mother nature and its gentle laws. It seems that the distinction is meant to be contrasted so bodly in display. What was -the oposition to- what has become? I'm speaking of course of behalf of the production and nature based models, wihch again you can see on his website. Typical of me to post the more nature-based artwork...My favorite I think is the moss/flower covered face, so beautiful and intricately made. Every root, every plant, individual beings coming together to create a united being. I find it almost a direct reflection of our true selves...we are made from a million tiny universes, alive and growing within us. In almost every model I imagine all those tiny worlds, all those possibilities. Isn't it amazing what art can bring out in us? Emeric Chanter's work is breath taking, inspiring and throught-provoking. I hope you ejoy his work as much as I do! Take a couple of minutes to get lost in it. 

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