Thursday, 8 January 2015

Your guide to prom dress shopping

It’s never too early to start planning for prom, besides; January and February are the months which prom dress selections are at its largest! There are a couple of details you want to look out for when dress shopping:  1) you want to be comfortable, you want a silhouette which will be flattering and make you feel confident and dazzling! 2) You want your dress to be unique, unlike any other in the room.  3) You will want to avoid dated styles (meaning puffy sleeves and oversized ruffles).  Shopping online has a lot of advantages; you have a much wider selection, which makes it easier to find your dream dress. Luckily has the most amazing variety of prom dresses for every girl to choose from!

This is not a typical color we see on prom dresses, which is part of its appeal! Its soft color, mixed with subtle beading in the bodice and flow-y skirt gives the dress a Roman goddess impression.  The fitted bodice will allow you to move freely without worrying of it falling, and the loose flow of the skirt allows for free leg movement to dance the night away! A bold silver necklace would look lovely with this dress, with a matching pair of earrings. This dress is my absolute favorite!

This next option is quite sultry both in color and style. I love red, and find it terribly difficult to find a good red dress, but this one is to die for! The cut out on the sides and open back make it incredibly unique, and the jewels add that prom dress flare we all want! Again, the free-flow of the dress allows you to move and dance comfortably.

My favorite thing about this dress option is its black-swan-like style. You will resemble an ebony ballerina in this gorgeous number! The intricate beading is what makes this dress remarkable, with its unique shape on the bodice leading to a gorgeous belt around the waist. Shorter dresses are great for showing off your shoes and legs! A silver strappy heel would suit this look perfectly!

This strapless, sequined dress has the classic prom dress style, yet the color is so distinctive and unlike any other color I’ve seen in a prom dress. It has that prom-queen look but with a quirky colorful twist! The sequins will look amazing under all those flashing lights, and the skirt is wide enough to keep you comfortable all night! Silver jewellery would suit this dress best in order to match the belt!
I hope this will help you in your prom dress search, don’t forget the dozens of more styles on that you can look through as well!

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