Monday, 5 January 2015

Evening Wear for Any Occasion

Whether it's New Years Eve, a gala, a wedding...evening dresses are a must in the closet, and let's face it, probably the most enjoyable to shop for! Who doesn't love getting dolled up in a dress that makes you feel like royalty? Since it's new years eve, I've been shopping around the perfect evening dresses and found quite a few that have caught my eye so far from which are stunning, elegant and bring variety as well! Here are some of my personal favorites:

In my opinion, whatever the occasion, you can never go wrong with a classic black gown. This one is quite dazzling, and you are sure to manage admiration from all who see you in it. The sheer skirt makes it incredibly unique and elegant as well, I've never seen a dress quite like it, which makes it even more desirable. Because of the bare neckline, I'd add a bold silver necklace and matching bracelet to pull the look together! I think and up-do with some dangling earrings would pair nicely as well!

This beauteous red gown immediately caught my has a habit of doing that. It's proven to be the most eye-catching color, and looking at this gown, it's easy to see why. The way the dress hugs the figure before letting out just a bit at the knees gives a semblance of elegance that is breath-taking. Because the color is so bold, I'd pair this with some subtle jewelry, a thin necklace, and earrings. As for the hair, I picture an old Hollywood style, long pin curls to one side would make this whole look to die for!

 If you find floor length a little too grandiose or perhaps just want to show a little leg, these white evening dresses are a great option. They are flow-y which gives you some leg room to dance, and yet still holds that polished flare! Not to mention it leaves the option for some statement shoes! The great thing about these dress styles is that you can create virtually any look you want; for something more elegant, a strappy thin heel...for something more casual, a nice wedge sandal would do nicely as well. I also think these styles call for a cute clutch in hand, something with a little sparkle or pearls would be ideal. Because of the necklines, I would avoid over-doing the look with a necklace and stick to earrings and a nice bracelet! I also think up-do's for the hair is more ideal to show off the neckline as well.
Whatever the look you're going for, be sure to browse 's  collection of evening dresses to find what you're looking for. They have a great selection of colors and styles that will be sure to fit your needs! Happy Shopping!

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