Thursday, 8 January 2015

& it was all yellow

When your closet feels dull and you are lacking inspiration to get dressed in the morning, just do what I do....borrow from your mom :) Of course this only works out because I am visiting and my mom does have a great sense of style. I got tired of living in the same outfits which are packed in my suitcase and decided to dig around for some inspiration and found it in this lovely mustard yellow coat! Underneath I'm wearing what I call my tapestry dress, and I love how well all of these vibrant colors work together. It snowed alot today but it was suprisingly mild, so Gavin and I took advantage and headed for a walk in the woods which was lovely. Hopefully there will be more adventures to be had this weekend!
     Dress : Asos // Coat:Mom's closet


  1. Phenomenal look! I love that dress and coat--your mom has some great taste!

    Katie |