Monday, 5 January 2015

Sunlight, sunshine, all for you my daisy

I've been hibernating for quite some time now, but today the sun came out and it was too rare and beautiful not to go out and enjoy it, even for only a little while. I find it terribly difficult to drag myself out of the house when it's -30 degrees and more, which is has been lately. So instead, I stare out my window at the falling snow, or take drives in a storm, and enjoy the beauty outside while staying nice and warm inside. When I do venture out, I'm wearing an insane amount of layers...even here, on this warm day, I'm wearing an undershirt, a dress and midi skirt over top of it...not to mention hoisery a jacket and hat to keep the snow off of my head. I couldn't stay out for long in this though, a walk around the block at most...if I want a real snow adventure, I'm covered almost head to toe in thick and fluffly gear, which doesn't do great for blogging, so I do my best. Anyway, I hope your week is starting off on a good foot and everyone is keeping warm. Cheers!

     Hat & Daisy Dress : Asos // Midi Lace Trim Skirt:Jacob