Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Into the Sunset

I recently recieved these goodies from OASAP , which I could not be more thrilled about. THIS furry black cardigan is my absolute favorite. Not only is it warm and comfortable, it goes with almost everything in my closet. I've been wearing it non-stop on my winter walks, feeling a little like a black bear, and a little like a high society woman. THIS dress is really great also...it has some of my favorite details (floral print, peter pan collar), but it also has an adjustable dreaw string and the material itself is incredibly comfortable. The weather is somehow becoming warmer in the late afternoon, and so I'm finding it the best time to go outside...this way I get to see a beautiful sunset between the trees, casting its orange glow on the scene before it.

     Dress : OASAP // Coat:OASAP

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