Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Dressing up Bridesmaids

Having just gotten married myself, I've spent a good deal of time searching for the perfect wedding dress, but also the perfect Bridesmaid dress options as well! Dresses are another part of the wedding decor after all; they help tie the entire theme/ambiance you've always pictured for your special day. However, choosing dresses for your bridesmaids can be more tricky, because of course you want it to suit the wedding, but you also want them to love what they're wearing as well...that's when it becomes helpful to find shops with endless options in terms of silhouette, neckline and length. Once again Millybridalshop.com comes to the rescue with an amazing selection of BridesMaid Dresses which are sure to suit any setting at an affordable price. I've listed a few of my own favorites bellow:

This dress takes the cake for me...it has everything I would personally want for my own Bridesmaids; the fact that they are floor-length brings an air of romance and elegance, yet the simplistic over-all style of the dress ensures that it is not over-done. The soft ruffling at the neckline and lovely slit up the leg are the only detail needed, and I am smitten. The dress seems to breathe well and move well with the body so that the transition from walking down the aisle to dancing the night away will be easy and comfortable. Not to mention it suits any hair style, flower bouquet and body type! I also love how soft the color is, and with the outdoor wedding trend going on right now, this dress would be perfect in an outdoor setting, as the color certainly suits any background.

Here is another floor-length option, with a subtle neckline and halter-top. I love the idea of a nice black and white wedding...picture how sharp these lovely black dresses will look next to a big white wedding dress! It would bring an air of a black-tie event which is a great look for a wedding! Again, we know that black goes with everything, it's often referred to as the most flattering color; not to mention the dress itself holds a great silhouette for all women. 

Planning a nice vintage wedding? This dress has the perfect vintage look and feel to it, with its tea-length and satin material. The soft pink is subtle, but the satin makes it more prominent and makes a gorgeous background for whatever bouquet they might be carrying. The length will call for a pair of heels, although any heel height would do. The belt which sits above the waist is a wonderfully flattering addition and I believe this dress would do nicely in an indoor or outdoor setting!

These are just a few options; if you browse MillyBridalShop you will come across endless choices which are sure to match the over-all theme of your wedding, but also the tastes of your bridesmaids as well! To make it fun, plan a girls night in which you all get together to browse the options and find what best works for everyone. Trust me, it's better to make it fun than stressful, and these dresses are sure to please!

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