Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Traditions with Aegean

Repeating old traditions is probably one of the very best things about the holidays. For instance, on christmas eve my brothers, sisters and I get to do our gift exchange and were allowed to open one pre-determined gift...which always happened to be a new pair of cozy pijamas in! For as long as I can remember I have spent the eve of Christmas cozzied up in a fresh pair of warm flannels. Lucky for me, I got to experience a nice new cozy pair of PJ's a little in advance thanks to Aegean Apparel . There's nothing like the feel of covering yourself in new flannels, add a nice hot chocolate to the mix and there's nothing cozier! This pair of PJ's from Aegean are certainly no exception, not only are they the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own, they are appropriately festive and fun enough to wear in any season. I would definitely check them out for some last minute christmas shopping or even as a way to treat yourself for the new year! I know I'm obsessed ^.^

     //PJ's : Aegean Apparel

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