Monday, 29 December 2014

a sight for sore eyes

It doesn't matter that I've spent the first 18 years of my life in these places, every time I come back, there are always new things to discover, new secret places to find, and old ones to revisit and become overcome with nostalgia. Although I've always wanted to leave, and couldn't wait to graduate and see new places, I'm always thankful for the little towns I grew up in and the adventures they brought me. This is a favorite spot of mine, not far from my holds the same sights as always but they still remain breath-taking to me. I especially enjoy coming back to these places with Gavin and sharing favorite stories and memories that happened there. I find this place especially enchanting in the winter, there are times when everything is covered in snow and frost and it looks like something straight out of a C.S Lewis novel ( some of my favorite growing up). I've always been dragging around this scarf everywhere. When I saw it on my brother I'd been borrowing it every day since, so he was clever and got me one of my own for christmas. Thick Scarves are my absolute favorite in cold weather, especially ones like this with such an interesting print!

     //Scarf : American Eagle // Blouse: Forever21 // Pants: American Apparel