Thursday, 11 December 2014

staying cozy with Minitake

I've  been horrible at keeping up with my blog lately, those of you who follow me on instagram have probably figured out why...well, I got married last weekend! I won't go too much into detail because there is a post coming up on the day, but that's why I've been so inactive on here. Now that it's over though, I can get back to my regular posts and will also be opening my etsy shop this sunday!
Well, winter seems to be officially here, it's been snowing non-stop and the temperature drops lower each day. this cozy cardigan from has been doing an incredible job in keeping me warm during these cold days. It's almost as though I'm wearing a blanket, it's so big and thick and comfortable! I paired it with my favorite grey heathered hat from UO and a dress I don't wear often enough, but am incredibly smitten with none-the-less. It always takes me a while to let go of my summer dresses, I force layers on them to make them last as far into the colder season as possible...this sweater has definitely been helpful on that account. 
I hope your December is lovely so far, the countdown to the holidays has begun, so exciting!

     //Hat : Urban Outfitters // Dress:Forever21// Cardigan:

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