Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sleep and Poetry

I've been good at keeping myself pretty busy lately; I've been having what I'm assuming is extreme round ligament pain and so haven't been able to really leave the house or do anything physically demanding, but luckily there's always crafts. I've been designing jewlery for a future collaboration with my sister, making flower crowns and painting. I go stir crazy without a project at hand and so I keep a never-ending list of things I'd like to do for times like these. During these times, I find it necessary to dress for comfort even more than usual. Once again anything with a loose and draping  silhouette has done the trick. Kimono's & waistless maxi skirts are quickly becoming a favorite combination of mine! I've never been a sweats kind of girl, so I opt for shapeless dresses and skirts instead when I want to feel my most comfortable!
// Kimono & Skirt: URBANOUTFITTERS // Boots: Doc Martens