Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Deep roots are not reached by the frost

It seems a white blanket of ice has fallen from the sky and covered all it could reach...plants are covered in frost, water in ice...what better way to offset this glacial backdrop than with pastel floral patterns? Although spring is still a ways away, it's always fun to play pretend in the mean time...especially on warm days like this one! Lately I've been busy drying flowers, re-decorating, trying to urge an early spring to my indoor environment, I decided to inspire one outdoors as well in this charming kimono from Romwe. My kimono collection has been growing fast and I am not apologetic in the least for it. I am so smitten with thier comfortable fit, enthralling patterns and let's face it, anything with tassles is welcome in my closet ;)
     // Kimono: ROMWE // Hat & Sunglasses: FOREVER21

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