Thursday, 12 February 2015

D.I.Y dream catchers//wall hangings

It's funny where inspiration can spring from. For example, the other day I was wearing this lovely dress from Sheinside admiring the interesting mix of colors and patterns and became suddenly inspired to make the space around me a little more interesting as well. Since my most recent move, I haven't really made time to decorate my space as I usually do, and the largest wall in my room is just plain white. I tried thinking of easy, homemade ways to make the wall a little more interesting and came up with a triangle dream catcher and moved on to other cute hangings that you can see in the photo above. It was incredibly easy to do and all you need is:
a few different colors of string,
crystals or pendants
I shaped the sticks into the pattern I wanted and began to tie the ends together tightly with string.
After you finish fastening the ends together to accomplish the shape you want, take some string and begind tying it around the bottom row like this:
Then have a crystal, stone or pendant hang from the center and voila! easy as pie (easier, in fact). It was so easy and fun to make, I look forward to seeing what other little creations come from this idea.

To think my wall was so easily made pretty with sticks and crystals...I love how our earth gives us so much and have lately been changing habbits and planning for more of a minimalist natural envrionment. Having just had a birthday and expecting I've been thinkig alot about these things and so far I'm enjoying the transition. Breezy beautiful dresses like this one certainly help in the process of valuying comfort in any environment ;)
     // Dress: SHEINSIDE

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  1. Nice DIY!! Your dress is cute ♥