Monday, 23 February 2015

Mixing prints and patterns

 In reality, this ensemble should not work. I'm mixing a whole bunch of colors and prints here: brown hat, green plaid shirt, blue and white floral dress and black tights. Never the less, I love how they look together. I think it definitely helps that the colors are all earthy tones, and the subtle floral print is a nice setting for the loud plaid. This has definitely encouraged me to try mixing pieces in my closet together I never would have, more often!
Febuary is almost over, which here means one month left of winter. Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to spring? The first day you get to open your windows to let in the fresh (and not numbignly cold) air through, hearing the snow crackle and melt beneath the hot sun, and of course the singing birds! We've been having our first couple of days with only -8 weather (after -40 it feels like heaven), so maybe spring isn't as far off as I think!
     // Plaid Shirt: ROMWE

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