Friday, 25 April 2014

festival season *

Festival season has officially begun! I thought it would be fun to do a small post on festival wear, and what I plan on bringing to the ones I will be attending this year!

1- INSTAX CAMERA: or basically a Polaroid or even film camera! They are small and easy to take quick photos with. Use your Polaroid camera all weekend but only look at the photos once its over; you will re-discover moments you've forgotten, and it will be a fun way to reminisce  after all is said and done

2- FLOWER CROWN: Because, let's face it, any chance you get to wear one, you take it.

3- JELLY SANDALS: I love jelly sandals (and need to acquire a pair as soon as I get the chance), they are comfortable and practical for a festival. The photo I've shown is heeled, but there are flats out there; and the jelly material is perfect in case of rain, your shoes won't get ruined!

4- CROCHET: Whether its a beautiful crochet dress such as this one from urban outfitters or a crochet top with some denim shorts, you're set!

5- JOURNAL: I know, I know...Who has time to journal when you're busy having fun? It's something I will be trying out, whenever I get to be a part of any exciting experience, I want to write about it as much as possible! I still have all my old journals and look back on them every so often, and it's always nostalgic and lovely. Although I haven't the patience to write in one every day, maybe if I start with adventures, festivals and travels I will become more dedicated over time!

First up, the tulip festival in about two weeks! I really cannot wait, I remember years ago I moved back home RIGHT before the tulip festival, and the city was already filled with tulips, it was so beautiful. I can't wait to experience it fully this year! I am going to blog about it in so much detail you will all be sick of tulips, I swear. Hopefully you are all having a beautiful week and get the chance to attend some festivals this summer ^.^


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