Wednesday, 23 April 2014

sunflower love

These were taken the day after I moved! It was such a beautiful day, we were so blessed. The  move went very smoothly, it did not take as much time or effort as I had anticipated which was nice. The next day we woke up in full adventure mode and decided to take a walk around parliament and the surrounding area. We managed to come across some some old abandoned buildings (and even managed to look around in some, shhh) , most of these photos were taken outside of one of them. The old stone is so beautiful, there's nothing more charming to me than an old building. You can literally see the history and stories within the stones, so lovely. It really was a magical day, not to mention warm enough to finally wear some summer clothes! This is one of my favorite skirts that I own, I adore yellow flowers, yellow is the happiest color to me. 
This week is mostly job hunting for me, and I will hopefully find something I love ^.^ Wish me luck!

  top, ,skirt, hat: Forever21// Shoes: Urban Outfitters//