Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Triple Thread

It happens to all of us...every once in a blue moon, we lose our inspiration. I find myself gowing through waves of inspiration when it comes to all the creative things I love: writting, artwork, blogging, photography...lately I've been particularily unmotivated when it comes to this blog; partly because I've been pretty sick, partly because I have so much to do before Forest gets here, and partly because hey, it happens. However, when I recieved a most glorious package from Triple Thread, I found my inspiration completely and immediately renewed. They have such a unique collection of cloth and prints that are not only unbelievably beautiful, but soft and comfortable as well. This shirt is one of my favourite pieces from them ( I especially love how well it pairs with this necklace from UndertheShadeofaBonsaiTree), and I have more making its way to this blog in the coming week. In the meantime, check out thier website and see for yourself how great they are!


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