Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Growing Forest (Part Two)

As I write this, I am almost 38 weeks along with our son growing in my tummy. This has been a most unbelievable, challenging, stressful, beautiful and exciting experiene. When I think back to the very first day we found out we were expecting our first child, I can't believe how far we've come. Despite what you see on instagram, or any of my social media really, it has not been an easy or "graceful" pregnancy. I don't share many of my personal details with anyone, let alone a bunch of strangers on the internet, but I'd like to document this experience, so that I always have something to look back on, to be grateful for this time in my life.
When I found out I was pregnant, Gavin and I were still in the city, and I was struggling pretty heavily with some health issues I'd rather not give details on...This news made us very excited, as we always planned on building a family, but still very nervous...We did not feel as though we were anywhere near ready. We were living with three other guys, and both only working part-time jobs, and again, my health was definitely not ideal. So we made the decision to leave the city we love to move closer to home as that is what would be best for our unborn child. Since moving home, it's been a roller coaster. There were two instances I was told I was likely miscarrying (lots of bleeding and pain), and put on best rest. This lasted for quite sometime. The first 4-5 months I was constantly sick, stressed and unable to do anything physically. Finally, somwhere in the fifth month, I began to feel better, and our baby was growing healthy and strong. It became a balance of good days and bad days, we unfortunately had to deal with alot of outside stress from other people, but together worked through it all and did what was best for the health of our child. Once I was no longer on bed rest, I took advantage by doing pre-natal yoga every day, and taking mini hikes, long walks, and having adventures with Gavin. This was the time I truly started enjoying my pregnancy, I focussed on feeling his kicks and cute little hiccups...the more I could feel his presence, the more he became my calm and happy place. No matter what stresses we were dealing with, job wise or health wise, knowing my little prince was growing healthy and strong inside me and would soon be blessing us earthside, was my saving grace. I remember going to bed upset or stressed many nights, and suddenly feel a kick (or many) and just immediately smile and feel overwhelmed with my love for him. Despite the struggles, he was perfect and growing stronger every day...more than that, he was a very real product made from the love Gavin and I have for eachother, he is all ours. 
Now in my ninth month, things are perhaps still not perfect, but getting much better. Gavin has been blessed with a great full time job, and we are working on moving into our family's first home. Though I've been back on bed rest (thankfully not due to any pregancy complications, just a really bad back), I'm so thankful to have the amazing support and love we've had through this journey, and so very thankful to have successfully made it to term with our little one, and all there is to do now is wait. Any day now Forest will really be with us, even as I'm writting this I can't believe it and feel so lucky. This love is definitely the most intense (for both my husband and child) and knowing it will only grow from this moment on is overwhelming and beautiful. I can't wait to hold our child in my arms and take him on our many family adventures to come!

// Again, all photos taken by Marie-Pier >> check out her photography page on Facebook

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