Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Baby Shower



We just had our baby shower this past weekend, and what a great day it was! Thanks to the help of some of the lovely ladies I'm closest to, it turned out absolutely stunning and more than I could have hoped for. We had an amazing group of friends and family come to support us, which was the loveliest part of the entire day. All in all, alot of thought and preperation went into making this celebration so fantastic...but almost everything was home-made. Gavin and I made the cake, I handmade most of the decore (tipi, backdrop, favor bags, table details, etc), my mom made the most amazing prizes and provided lots of the decor; and all the food was made by a combination of Gavin's mother, as well as my own, his aunt and my step dad and mom. It was a fantastic group effort and it showed :)
We played some great games as well, my sisters were the coordinators of the games and opening of the gifts. Forest was spoiled and showered with love and positivity, it was so very lovely and possibly one of my very favorite days to date. Gavin, Forest and I are beyond blessed for the amazing support system around us.

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