Friday, 2 May 2014

witching hour (pt.1

These photos jumped up the blog list for me. Gavin and I spent all morning in this beautiful forest we discovered yesterday! These photos don't do it justice though, everywhere you look there is an air of enchantment. So....I went a little photo crazy and this post is divided into 2 parts because I really couldn't decide which photos to post! 
However, the forest isn't the only thing to die for in this post, would you look at this dress! I was immediately in love when I saw it, and I've waited too long to wear it. Now that I have I'm pretty sure I won't stop. It's long sleeved but the crochet is light enough to wear throughout the summer ^.^
Anywho, just wanted to quickly share some of today's photos, I hope you all have an exciting weekend coming up!

  Hat: Forever21 // DRESS: Urban Outfitters 

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