Friday, 23 May 2014

She belongs among the wild flowers

This day was a very special day to me. Nothing AMAZING happened, it was just one of those days in which you can feel the magic in the air. And there was. Gavin and I decided to go exploring to see if we could find a place suitable for swimming in the summer. For the past two years we lived in a small city a block away from the beach and board-walk, so thinking about a summer without swimming just does not make any sense to us. We walked through fields at first, before coming across an aviation area. We saw multiple planes, all sorts, fly directly above close you swear you could touch them if you could reach far enough. It was a really cool experience. We will be returning. Afterward, we found ourselves is some country land, following trails of wild flowers and picking some on the way. And just as I thought to myself ¨what a beautiful day!¨ two little deer fro-lock right passed us and I eventually took a few shots of them that I will be posting later on.
SO. This dress. Let me tell you about this dress and how it should NOT be mine. I was over at my sisters, and she was showing me some cute thrift finds for her and her little ones. This dress comes out as a dress that would fit my niece in a couple of years as it is fit for a 7 year old and rayne is only 3. So, I tried it on, adjusted the straps and voila. I have a very cute new dress :)


  ::Dress: thifted // Apple Purse: Aldo


  1. That's a seriously cute bag! I love just popping out and exploring the area - There are so many hidden gems to find!

    1. I agree, it's the best way to pass the time ^.^