Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nobody likes you when you're 23



Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 23! I have an odd complex about age and so I don't really look forward to my birthdays anymore, but why not make the best out of getting older? This year to celebrate I was planning on some glow in the dark bowling with some friends...which actually might be postponed because of regular life things getting in the way of my plans. None the less, I will still celebrate in a small way and in a cute outfit ;) I've been so eager for spring/summer that the only things that look appealing to me in my closet are my summer clothes! This outfit for example is very festival/gypsy-like, which I love...although it isn't very appropriate for winter. I'm just waiting for warmer days x
  :hat, kimono, tights:  forever21 // dress: Urban Outfitters

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