Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Welcome Febuary

Blogging with no computer and freezing weather is even more difficult than I originally assumed it would be; although I am trying my best to update at least once a week. I am so excited for the summer when I will be able to update multiple times a week, as well as share in exciting summer adventures! Well, it is now February (my birthday month), and in my opinion, the best winter month (other than december). It's shorter, there are some distractions such as Valentines day as well as my birthday to keep thoughts of the cold and snow at bay. I have been spending all of my days off just like this; cozy in my room with coffee ^.^
Anywho, some might think a simple black and white outfit to be boring; I believe it is classic. I think the polka-dots add something fun to it as well! Polka-dots have always been my favorite print; I will always be drawn to them it seems. Good thing they never go out of style :P
Oh yea, and I cut my hair :)

  blouse: asos // skirt/shorts: forever21 // tights: Urban Outfitters


  1. Great pictures! I love your hair colour and style!

  2. lovely photos!