Monday, 6 January 2014

we are alive, we will survive this

We were hit with a huge snow storm last night, which is normal for this time of year, but none the less, snow banks are up to my knees and I can only walk where the plows have gone. Obviously I would never be walking without a coat,hat, etc. I shed them quickly to snap a few photos of whatever I'm wearing on that day. Photos of the few coats I have will get boring very quickly and so I will have to suffer through a few minutes of being cold in order to keep this blog  interesting. My second semester has already begun, and I'm a little sad that my hibernating days are over and I have to leave my house every day again...on the other hand, I'm excited to finish everything and start a new adventure! Anyway, I've had these items in my closet for a long time and never seem to tire of them. I own way too many lace white/cream dresses but never seem to stop myself from buying them when I see a new one, no matter how many I've collected.
I hope you all have a beautiful week ^.^ stay warm x
  // dress: zara // floral top: thrifted// hat: Urban Outfitters


  1. Hey! I love your blog so i've nominated you for the liebster award! The rules and what it's all about are on this post i've made

  2. what a beautiful blog! Just followed you back <3