Thursday, 2 January 2014

This year...

Well I hope you all had a wonderful New years! As everyone is doing, I'm sure...I have been reflecting a lot on the past year and where I want to move on in the future. This past year meant a lot to me. It was the year I became brave and rid my life of all negativity, excelled in school and most of all, I helped myself the way I should have four years ago. As a result of all of this, I met someone fantastic and fell in love; I can now confidently and genuinely say "I'm happy", I'm graduating in a couple of months and last but not least, I started my blog ^.^
With all of the wonderful happenings and adventures I have had this past year, I just know this next year is going to be even better. And so here are a few goals I have set for myself for the upcoming year.

1.Make this Blog a Priority: I want this blog to become a bigger part of my life. I'm looking forward to expanding its content (probably more so once I've graduated in four months). I'm currently working out a special collaboration that I can't wait to blog more about, and so that's a great start.

2. Chase my dreams: This year will be all about making my dreams come true...or at least taking the right steps. I am moving as soon as I graduate, which will be very exciting. I will hopefully find a marketing or management job in the fashion field whilst working on my writing and blogging of course. I want to travel, attend more festivals and meet new people! These are the main focuses I have for myself this year. 

3. Learn something new: Whether it be expanding my knowledge on something I'm already passionate about (art or photography) or diving into something completely new like music or sewing. I haven't quite decided yet, but I would definitely like to attend some sort of class this summer that will allow me to learn new things about something I love. 

So there it is. My plans for the upcoming year. Have you got anything interesting lined up? 


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